Bee: A Sport

“Bee: A Sport” was a hackathon project made with the theme “a sport”. It is similar to the game QWOP, except that was clearly too easy, so you have to use 3 keys to control each wing. Race against a friend or try to beat your own best score.


Horus is a mathematical programming language and calculator. It allows you to define function and variables, as well as expressions that are updated as their variable dependencies change.


Manifold is a generic hardware description language and verification toolchain. It is a research project developed at the Watform Lab at UWaterloo. I expanded on this research with a group of software engineering students and wrote a paper detailing our work.


Splash is a POSIX shell written in Rust. It’s nowhere near feature complete but it is a fun way for me to learn Rust and systems-ish programming.

Spotify Genre Viewer

Ever wondered what genres Spotify was giving you in your Discover Weekly? Or wanted to make a playlist of all the rock songs in your library? Then this is the tool for you. Browse the genres in your playlists and make new playlists based on genre groupings.